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In this self-paced module Mary covers the initial steps to take in teaching a systematic and explicit Structured Literacy (SL) Programme. She uses the SL programme she created and authored herself, i.e. DcodeDyslexia SL programme, throughout the series of modules. In this, the first module of the series, she uses Dcode Book 1, C(Consonant) V(Vowel) C(Consonant) Short Vowels, and Book 2, Blends. The module is designed for 24/7 access and allows you to choose your pace of learning. Furthermore, once you have completed your first run through the module, you will be able to review at will any aspect of it you want until your subscription expires.

The course covers phonological, and phonemic, awareness, decoding, reading comprehension, and vocabulary, and spelling. It adheres to the principles of the Science of Reading body of scientifically-based research and it supports the Irish Government's Primary Language Curriculum learning outcomes(LO) for the Reading (LO 3,4,5 & 6) and Writing strands (LO 3,4 & 5). 

She also uses her Ncode Spelling book to demonstrate the scope, sequence and drills required to teach students to write, i.e. spelling, or encoding, words.  

Both the Module and the books are aligned to the evidence-based, gold-standard Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching literacy. 

If you don't have the books, which are ideal for reflection and practicing the skills, some resources are provided to enable you to get the feel of using the programme with a student. 

On completing the module you should be able:

  • Outline the scope and sequence of a SL programme.
  • Teach beginner-level literacy to a struggling reader, e.g. CVC Short Vowels and initial and final Blends. 
  • Collaborate and interact with colleagues to develop strategies to implement basal literacy classes for small groups of struggling readers.
  • Collaborate in planning whole-school literacy plans.